By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): Daragon, Preiser...

Description: Un diorama montrant le peur américian dans un terrain hostile en 1992 ! La peur du terrorisme, malgré des moyens gigantesques !

Judge 1
Vehicles and Figures: The vehicles are well built with nothing major to point out, I like the damage you've created on the AAV-7. The paint work is smooth but there are quite a few brush strokes visible and in places the dry brushing is overdone and too heavy, especially noticeable on the AAV turret, air recognition panels and tyres. A darker pin wash would help bring out the smaller details such as rivets, panel lines and grills etc. and I would also expect to see more dust in a desert environment. I like the smoke damage and burnt out interior, well done here. The figures are pretty well done but could be further enhanced with deeper shadows and lining out (painting a thin line around the uniform details in a darker colour). The camo is complex and pretty well done, it could be improved further by spending more time keeping the pattern elements a more consistent size. Keep up the good work. Jason.
Judge 2
Very simple ground work. Desert landscape is very difficult to reproduce. i think in this case the result is too much simple. More color variation and some more vegetation is necessary
Judge 3
This diorama shows us that US operations in Iraq weren’t an easy task and sometimes losses happened. Still, the idea is interesting, but its implementation leaves much to be desired. There is no logical centre of the diorama. It seems, each object with surrounding figures acts separately. Two soldiers that are crawling behind the LVTP are acting like they are in some dangerous situation. The crew of one Hammer is acting like they’re engaging some dangerous situation (dynamic and expecting poses), but the crew of the other Hummer is acting like they’re dealing with consequences of some dangerous situation – rescuing wounded, observing, reporting via the radio, all in more calm poses. After some observing the diorama more attentively it appears that the subject is built around the burned LVTP. In this case it’ll be better to put the vehicle closer to the centre, now it seems it’s going to fall off the stand. So, you could make two perfect dioramas with LVTP in the centre and one Hammer somewhere nearby – one diorama with figures fighting and another with figures facing the results of fighting.