Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): Italieri, Dragon, Preiser, CMK

Modifications: Les grandes modifications entreprises sont effectuées sur les figurines Preiser et sur les ailes du Fuck wulf.

Description: Ce diorama présente un M-26A1 Dragon Wagon with M-15 trailer capturé et utilisé afin de transporter un Fuk wulf allemand. Tout était bon durant cette période.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: Quite an impressive scene you've developed there but the photo's lack depth of field making it hard to see all your hard work. It would also have been nice to see some more photo's, 8 were permitted this month. From what I can see the construction of the vehicles is well done with only minor things coming to light (tight tracks and drooping hatch on the tiger for example). The painting is generally well done but the dry brushing is too heavy and the colour used is too light with some brush strokes being visible on the tiger. It's always good to seal your decals with a matt varnish as their natural finish is too glossy and make sure they are seated well, using a setting solution is essential on zimmerit. The figures look very good and natural, the colours are good but for this late stage of the war I would not expect to see the earlier style uniforms. As good as they are they could still benefit from from a darker line out colour to help define the smaller details etc. I like these ambitious projects and you've done a pretty good job. Jason.
Judge 2
The groud work is very well done. Terrain is is real and also brass is convincing. The tree is good but probably more than one would better
Judge 3
The process of mounting something on something can be very engrossing sometimes especially when unusual equipment is involved. Here we can see a captured M-26A1 wagon with trailer (which is itself an interesting object to look at), a destroyed FW-190 and a Bergetiger recovery vehicle. The composition is good and this work isn’t overcrowded with vehicles. Still if the airplane had been painted in a more bright/unusual camo/insignia it would have attracted more attention. Now its camo is a little intermixed with the trailers camo thus making the plane less noticeable. The scene of mounting the airplane looks quite vivid with a few people working and many people watching.