This month's theme Desert warfare is for all vehicles wheeled and/or tracked that belong to a defence force of a desert nation or were present during a desert Conflict. Vehicles from any time period past or present are welcome to enter. We hope to see a good mix of modern and vintage armour. Struggling for ideas? What about North Africa WWII, Afghanistan 1980’s or present, the 6 day war or any other Arab-Israeli conflict, the Darfur and or any other African conflict, and of course we have the current Iraqi conflict. We look forward to seeing some interesting vehicles.

Coelian Models: prize package containing, a Hetzer from UM, an antiaircraft t-34 from Military Wheels and a Sd.Kfz. 251/1 B from Coelian Models.
"Dust Master" sponsored by Tracks & Troops: for the model with the most realistic weathering, prize package containing a 20 Euro voucher plus some Agama paintinators.
Special Rules
Vehicle must have served with a desert nation or fought in a desert conflict.