Being our first Dioramas and Vignettes theme we have extended our usual "model must have been completed in the last 2 months" rule to 12 months. This should allow a greater number of people to enter and really showcase the skills of the braille scale diorama builder. With a large number of dioramas on display it will hopefully inspire everyone into action, novices and experienced builders alike, making for some interesting future events.

To be announced
Special Rules
To be classed as a diorama or vignette and eligible to enter the model must show the following, if your model does not meet these 3 criteria it will be ineligible to enter:
1. For Dioramas: At least 3 figures and one vehicle/vehicle wreck or artillery piece. For vignettes: at least one figure on a scenic base.
2. Detailed ground work (grass, snow, mud, road, tarmac or sand etc.)
3. A story. Very important! You must explain the story behind the scene, tell us "what's going on" and include the history, place & unit depicted, theater of operations and time period etc. (Part of the judging will be how well does your diorama/vignette tell "the story").

The diorama can be of any size and can include any other elements (or part of, ie. tree, monument (well, statue, etc.), house or ruin, brick wall, fence, gate, barbed wire, casement/bunker, bridge, creek/riverbank, etc.)
Vignettes can include a small vehicle or part of a large vehicle or large object (building, casement, ruin, wall etc.)

The judges will be looking at:
The story and how well the model tells it, including historical authenticity, integration & interaction of the elements (position, height, volume, does the tank sink into the ground, do the figures look like they are in conversation, etc.) & most importantly realism, ie. can we smell the mud!.
The quality of the building and painting of the models & figures.
The quality of the building and painting of the ground work, buildings, monuments etc.