Last years diorama competition was so popular that we've decide to run it again (check out the february 08 gallery for some great inspiration). The theme is open to all dioramas and vignettes from all time periods and we hope to see a good cross section of works. So dust off that finished model you've always wanted to place in a diorama and breakout the plaster and static grass and get cracking!

Special Rules
Diorama's/vignettes must have been finished in the last 6 months but may contain models finished within the last 12 months. Vehicles that have previously been entered in a monthly competition can be used in the diorama/vignette.
The diorama or vignette can depict any scene from any conflict and must contain the following:
At lest one vechicle or field gun (does not apply to vignettes)
At lest one figure for vignettes and 3 figures for dioramas
Ground work (grass, snow, mud, tarmac or sand etc.)
At least one (or part of one) other element: tree, monument (well, gate & posts, statue), house ruin, brickwall, fence, cart, bridge, creek/riverbank, casement/bunker or wreck etc..