In June 2009 we celebrate the 65th anniversary of the allied campaign to liberate Nazi occupied Europe. This month’s theme includes not only the landings on the 6th of June but the entire Normandy campaign including the German retreat and crossing of the river Seine. This theme encompasses some of the wars fiercest battles including: the airborne operations, the D-Day landings, the battle for Cherbourg, Operations Charnwood and Goodwood (the 2 battles for Caen), the battle for St. Lo, Operation Cobra, the Moratan counter attack, the siege of Brest, the battle for St. Malo, the Falaise pocket and the retreat to the Seine. All combatant nations threw everything they had available into this pivotal campaign from the humble British bicycle to the mighty King tiger, with this much choice there should be something for everyone.
Whilst building a kit for this month’s competition take a moment to reflect upon the enormity of this event. During the course of 3 months in a very small part of France the loss of human life was enormous and none paid more than the civilian population.

To be announced
Special Rules
All models entered must depict a vehicle used by the combatant nations during the periods 5th of June to the 1st of September 1944 in the Normandy region. All vehicle types are eligible to enter.