August will give everyone with advanced modeller’s syndrome (AMS) a chance to get a kit finished, absolutely no modifications, detailing or PE allowed! All kits must have less than 20 parts and must be built OOTB (out of the box) so take a chill pill and get a war game kit.
A common complaint heard the world over is “I so busy trying to get it accurate I never get anything finished” and as a result most of us spend very little time painting anything. As a consequence our painting skills are far inferior to our building skills which leads to a fear of painting because we don’t want to ruin it with a bad paint job...arggghhh, it’s a vicious circle.
The idea behind this month’s theme is to create an environment where we can practice and improve our painting and weathering skills without the fear of ruining a long arduous build, after all it only takes 30 minutes to build a war game kit and what’s more there’s usually 2 to a box. With Hats Armorfast range, Italeri's new war game kits and a host of resin manufactures producing suitable vehicles there should be something for everyone so dust off the paints and rip into it.

To be announced
Special Rules
Kit must have the maximum of parts (around 20 or less) and can be from any medium. All kits must be built strictly out of the box with no exceptions (see rules page for OOTB definition). All vehicles from all nations and time periods are eligible to enter.