The focus of this year’s group build will be the work horse of the modern army, the halftrack. With Dragon giving us a huge range of Sd.Kfz. 251’s there’s also ACE’s Sd.Kfz.250’s and Revels new 251 Ausf C and fantastic FAMO kits there are also several Sd.Kfz.7’s & 11’s and a myriad of other strange vehicles to choose from. As well as the plastic kits there is also a large range of resin kits available making the German WWII forces are well covered.

There are fewer quality options for the WWII allied fan but still plenty to choose from. Hasegawa has an aging but solid M3A1, the Airfix kit is still available, Academy’s new M3 builds into a nice model, Italeri’s new fast build kits give us an M3, and an M3 75mm. There are also some interesting Russian and French vehicles out there and besides the plastic kits there are a number of resin and white metal manufacturers providing some interesting vehicles.

Jump on board and join in the fun, a work of advice focus on finishing one kit and if you have time left over why not try improving your painting skills with a fast build or simple resin kit. Good luck and let’s get some kits finished.

Special Rules
Your model must be of a semi-tracked vehicle. It can be from any nation and anytime period, the more interesting the better.