On the 10th of May 1940 the German forces smashed through the French lines at Sedan in the Ardennes to cut off and surround the Allied forces concentrated in Belgium in operation Fall Gelb. The brilliant Heinz Guderian was behind the radical plan that proved to be a tactical masterstroke brining France to her knees and sealing the fate of the peoples of Europe.

To commemorate the anniversary of this campaign and to remember the millions of people who suffered and lost their lives under the occupation we encourage you to join in and build a model for this competition.

With the recent release by RPM of many of the important French tanks of the period and Trumpeters great Char B1 we have some very good models to choose from on the Allied side. ACE, Attack and trumpeter have a good selection early German armour and there are also a great number of resin kits available for all the combating nations.

Special Rules
You can build any vehicle from any of the combatting nations (France, Germany & Great Britain) that would have taken part in the combat during 1940.