The epic battle continues here at the Braille Scale Monthly Competition website between these age-old protagonists. This month you can present us with any vehicle named after a member of either the dog or cat family. Show us your ferocious felines, such as Tigers, Leopard 1/2s, Luchs (Lynx), or Panthers, just to name a few. Dog lovers can fight back with their Staghounds, Greyhounds, Fuchs (Fox), Fennek (fox), Coyotes, walker bulldogs or any other vehicle named after a member of the canine family.

Just to add interest, in addition to our regular competition format (eg gold/silver/bronze), our judging team will also average the scores by category to declare an overall “species winner”. So show us your cats and dogs……… “Here kitty, kitty, kitty….”

Special Rules
The common name given to the AFV or softskin you enter in this month’s competition must be from either a cat or dog (feline or canine) origin.

If you are unsure of whether your intended entry complies with the above rule please send us an email with the intended subject and the judges will make a final decision regarding its eligibility.