United States
OIF, 2000s
In production
2007, December
The U.S. Army’s M2/M3 Bradley family is one of the world’s most famous infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), and it has successfully participated in such operations as Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Perhaps not quite so well known is the M6 Linebacker variant of the Bradley. The M6 is an air-defense vehicle found in heavy armored divisions, and it mounts four FIM-92A Stinger missiles in the launcher unit on the left of the turret instead of the two TOW missiles in a regular Bradley. Operated by a crew of four, the Linebacker system employs a FAAD (Forward Area Air Defense) C3I suite that allows firing while stationary or on the move. Ten spare Stinger missiles are carried inside the vehicle. The 29.9-ton M6 still retains the standard turret armament of an M242 25mm Bushmaster cannon and 7.62mm M240C coaxial machine gun, but the easiest recognition feature remains the turret-mounted missile launcher unit. Features: - Newly tooled four-tube FIM-92A Stinger launcher with photo-etched parts to upgrade details - FIM-92A Stinger launcher can be assembled in different positions - Turret bottom plate reproduced in great detail - OVM arrangement for M6A2 - Sharply detailed side armor - Rear ramp can be assembled open or closed - DS track with fine detail Text copyright by Dragon.