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Continental Model Supply Company

Listing 22 kits in 1 scale(s)

    Modern British 105mm gun crew 5 figs plus shells for MAC-50 and JB Models 105mm gun

    #DF01, 1/72

    German Land Wasser Schlepper crew 2 figs with changeable heads – helmet or forage cap

    #DF02, 1/72

    Sahariana crew, driver, officer and gunner with changeable heads Italian/German, personal bags

    #DF03, 1/72

    Modern British Drivers 4 w/ berets, 2 w/ helmets, no legs (ideal for trucks)

    #DF04, 1/72

    1940 BEF Tank crew. 3 resting, (eating, sleeping, Officer drinking, 2 on track repair

    #DF05, 1/72

    Modern British AFV crew, Commander, Driver, Gunner 2 of each, loose heads with 4 types of head gear

    #DF06, 1/72

    Modern British Infantry on Patrol. Platoon leader, radio, LMG (fig) 4 carrying SA-80’s

    #DF08, 1/72

    1942 Africa set. Luftwaffe Officer holding map, Officer w/ binoculars (changeable heads Italian/Germ

    #DF09, 1/72

    1944 Fallschirmjaeger set 2. Jaeger carrying 98K and Panzerfaust, walking wounded supported by medic

    #DF10, 1/72

    Russian AFV crew. One full figure sitting, 4 figs

    #DF11, 1/72

    Royal Marines in search of Al-Qaeda, carrying bergens, MG, LAW’s 80, Milan, SA-80’s. 5 figs

    #DF12, 1/72

    1942 Africa DAK Fuel dump personnel. One rolling fuel drum, one pumping out of drum, one filling jer

    #DF13, 1/72

    Royal Marines w/out bergens. 5 figs w/ LSW, LAW’s 80, Milan, SA-80’s changeable heads berets and hel

    #DF14, 1/72

    Crew for Revell Warrior & Challenger, 2 drivers and 4 turret figures of different poses

    #DF15, 1/72

    Infantry debussing from Warrior and going into defensive position, one prone w/ SA80, one kneeling w

    #DF16, 1/72

    British infantry in the Gulf, one prone firing LMG, one standing firing SA80, one kneeling w/ SA80,

    #DF17, 1/72

    Modern British Infantry in the Gulf. 5 figures: Prone with binoculars, standing (SA80), kneeling (LA

    #DF18, 1/72

    US AFV Crew. 5 figures Commanders, Loaders, Driver cut off at chest level

    #DF19, 1/72

    US Infantry peace keepers wearing belt equipment with terrorist suspect. 5 figures: kneeling(M249),

    #DF20, 1/72

    Modern US AFV crew 5 figs. As DF-19but cut off at hip level suitable for Abrams and Bradley

    #DF21, 1/72

    Modern US Infantry de-bussing from Bradley. 5 figs. All running wearing belt equipment, 3 with M16,

    #DF22, 1/72

    British Infantry- crew for WMIK Landrover. 3 figs, driver, commanderand gunner in rear for use with

    #DF23, 1/72

    new soon