1/87 Stug III, ausf. G

By: Brian J. Brown

Manufacturer(s): Roco Minitank

Modifications: Applicate' armor scratch built from plastic card, individual bolts applied by hand from a HO railroad kit. Molded close loader's hatch opened and new hatches made from plastic card. Rear deck framing made from pieces of HO wooden fence. Antenna is a piece of guitar string. PE detail added to inside of commanders hatch.

After-market parts: Schatton Modellbau brass barrel, resin gun mantle, rear plate on hull, exhaust pipes/muffler, jack, notek lamp, pioneer tools, decals by I-94 Enterprises. Various pieces of resin stowage added. Spare road wheels are resin. Smoke dischargers from spares box.

Description: Stug III, early ausf. G serving with Grossdeutschland Panzer Division on the Eastern Front in mid 1943.

Judge 1
Very good effort. I really like the way the applique armour is applied! Paiting is clean but could use a bit more wash to accentuate the details. Add more dirst tot he running gear and tracks.
Judge 2
Good detail work on the upper/front hull. Nice paintwork but the model lacks pinwashes to enhance detail. Weathering is almost absent, especially on the tracks and running gear area that looks unrealistic.
Judge 3
The home made details you added are realy nice. Anyway there is still a large space for detailing on this model, but it will be a hard job. Base colors are good, and the decals are well applied. Your drybrushing is a bit overdone for me. I would suggest you using some highlights and shadows, some fading, some chips, ect. Overall it's a nice model in the 1/87 scale.