Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: Sebastien Biollay

Manufacturer(s): Unimodel

Modifications: the doors are remade from plastic card, all the rivets and bolts are made in aluminium sheet with a punch and die, barrels of machine guns are hypodermic needles, and small details are made from copper wire, aluminium sheet and plastic card.

Description: Soviet BA-6, before the WWII. Painted with an airbrush and a mix of lifecolor paints. Filters, washes and dirt marks are made with oil colors, drybrush with humbroll enamel. The dust is lifecolor paint airbrushed. Finally, some powdered pastel chalk is used.

Judge 1
Excellent building, with a very good work on missing rivets! No apparent faults and/of flaws in this phase. Painting and weathering too are excellent, with a well balanced employment of washes, filters and dry brush. I like the dusty effect on wheels and lower hull. Quite an outstanding little kit!
Judge 2
Wow we got some winners this month!!! stunning, stunning, stunning. Only very minor picky thing is an uneven gap on the right side access door at the bottom, but I'm being picky. The rivets are precise and shows a love of the art! This is really one of the best weathered I've seen in this scale. I like the way the turret is much cleaner than the lower hull. Very realistic! VERY WELL DONE. Stay at home and do another hobby so you don't make me look so bad :)
Judge 3
The home made details are amazing. Especially the rivets and bolts. Base color is also good. Anyway the whole paint job is OK for me. Only the dust is a bit overdone. Realy nice model.