By: Jarosław Trzciński

Manufacturer(s): ACE

Modifications: Most details are scratchbuild - including doors, exhaust pipe, tools, hood, grill, hatch, headlight and some other things, that I can't name in English :) Photo of the model before painting shows most of the modifications I made.

Description: It's the Polish BA-64B. Model was painted with Pactra paints (only white on the fenders is Gunze). Then I used gloss varnish, and applied decals and oil wash. After matt varnish i made very strong drybrush (with couple different colours) and did some weathering.

Judge 1
Great little model! The build is exceptional. Alignment and application of aprts is first rate. Painting is good, but appears to have some heavy dusting of paint (possibly caused by a bit too much high pressure from the airgun). Weathering is good but could use a bit more dusting of dirst on the lower surfaces, and less drybrushing. BUT it is a great model!
Judge 2
Good building and detailing of a short run subject. Base painting is correct as is decals placement, carrier film showing up only in few area and only at a close inspection. Weathering however is overdone, the drybrush too marked and the washes a bit too dark give the model an overal unrealistic look with orange peel effect. On a so small subject, a ligth weathering would have been favourable.
Judge 3
It's a clean and accurate build job, and the home made details are also very nice. The base color is a bit dark for me. Because of this your wash isn't effective enough. Decals are well applied. As you said the drybrushing is much overdone. I think you could reach a much better result using less drybrushing, almost no drybrushing, rather some fading and shading. It's hard to do this on a small vehicle like this with airbrush, but with brush and oil paints it's possible, and not so difficult. One more thing that I would apply some dust on the wheels and the undercarrige. It's a very special subject, and with some changes in your paint it would be a nice model.