«Black eagle» (object 640)

Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: Afanasyev Kirill

Manufacturer(s): Revell

Modifications: From Revell kit it is taken running and the case part, all the rest is made by hands.

After-market parts: Extratech

Description: The object 640 is created on absolutely new base in which a number of elements of running part Т-80У is applied. Tower of "Black eagle» absolutely new design. According to experts, on set of such characteristics as mobility, fire power and security this tank on 70 % will surpass such western tanks as М1А2 «Abrams», «Leclerk» and «Leopard 2А5». Painted using a acrilic Vallejo, weathering was applied using Mig Pigmente.

Judge 1
The building job you did on this beast is incredible. I can't say anything else about that. The paint is also good. The base color and the camo seems to be OK for me, and the small details are well painted too. Pigments are a good choice for weathering, but there are some more techniques. I would suggest you using some more highlights and shadows, some rainmarks, ect. So it could be painted more spectacular, anyway it's a superb conversation, and an amazing build job.
Judge 2
Superb scratchbuilt work, astonishing details onthe turret and hull. Only the camouflage scheme looks not well defined, also lacking of washes and higligths, thus making the enormous amount of work made on this kit not immediatly appreciable. What a pity!!!!!
Judge 3
Excellent build!!!! The in-build shots are very professional. Weathering and subtleness are A1. Tracks are nicely done and do not appear to have any issues. Not much else to add. It could be the light off the photo lamp, but the MG just appears a bit too shiny. But this is ppicky. This model is stunning and very well done!