Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: Franco de Andrea

Manufacturer(s): Il Principe Nero

Modifications: Just some small modifications: - Addition of cables for lighthouses - Improvement of the shovel

After-market parts: OOB

Description: A Fiat 708 used by the mountain's artillery during the campaign of Greece in 1940

Judge 1
Pristine and jewel-like. The painting is excellent. Very good use of pin wash, drybrushing and weathering. I like the way the mud on the tracks matches that of the road (not often done but common sense).
Judge 2
Wow! That's a very special subject. The model is very small, and you did a fantasctis paint job on this little caterpillar. Very well done! I can't say anything else.
Judge 3
Nice kit depicting an unusual subject. Simple but correct assembly. Well painted and weathered with a good highligth of minute details and nice dusty effect on the tracks and wheels. The only suggestions I can made is that the steering had to be black and that in some places ( engine grills for example) a ligther wash would have been favourable, further improving an overall good kit.