Kfz.13 Adler - RPM 1/72

By: Roman Pieron

Manufacturer(s): RPM

Modifications: scratch built details from plastic sheets and cooper wire: in interior - new ammo boxes, pedals, map and flag cases; steeing wheel and protection ring replaced, MG13 barrel perforated... in exterior - new mirror, mudguards, direction indicators; license plate corrected...

After-market parts: no aftermarkets parts were used

Description: This german light armoured vehicle could be dated to the start of the Polish campaign - september 1939. Adler is camouflaged with the "brown-grey" pre-war paint scheme. The painting process was quite simple - free-hand airbrush of Lifecolor acrylics mix, filter and pin-wash using umbra, a little of grey-brown chipping and scratches, drybrush with middlegrey, rain marks wih Tamiya Buff and at the end cover of dust using various brown pigments.

Judge 1
Build is very well done! Good detail and crisp. Painting is good. Some suggestions are to try a tighter camo pattern (easier said than done). The paint seems to have uneveness in places along with some orange peel. Try coming closer to the model when you spray, and adjsuting psi to lower pressure. also watch for dust when spraying. Nice build and about time we see some of these unusual subjects!
Judge 2
It's a very special item. As I see on the pictures you added some nice home made details in the interrior, and some on the exterrior. I think you still left some space for more detailing (e.g. tools, or the boxes). The base color is good. It's always a hard job to paint a grey vehicle. What you said about the paint job you did, is right, but on the photos some of these techniques are not visible for me. (e.g. the rainmarks) So next time try to use more spectacular effects, and perhaps fading too. Decals are well applied, washes also, and the pigment are OK too.
Judge 3
Good built of a short run subject, godd detail work, remarkable paintwork on a very small subject, appropriate weathering with only some decals carrier film showing (for example: rear rigth fender). Very good