By: Paweł

Manufacturer(s): Academy 1:72

Modifications: All modification is "hand made"

Description: Model painted only brush acrylic paints "Pactra".

Judge 1
Great little build! The engine detail is exquisite! Would have benefited from some in-build shots. Try a little more dirt around the undersides. The canvass and mg ammo belt should hang more cinvincingly, but excellent build!
Judge 2
No comments can be made on the building phase as it lacks a picture of the kit in the pre painting stage. Also, the close up on the working table is useless for our judgement, that is on the vehicle, not on the various goddies placed around it. As for the painting stage, the colour doesn't stand up very well in the picture, due, in my opinion, also to a too heavy and not appropiatedly palced weathring. Too dust/earth on the vertical sulfaces, too few on the wheels and flat areas. Decals film carrier shows up on some markings.
Judge 3
The home made details are very nice. Anyway the build of this model is a nice job. I don't realy know what color it should be. It"s rather green than dark yellow. Decal is well applied. If this light gray is chipped paint, its very cool. Only the colors are strange for me. So you could improve your paint skills using some highlights and shadows, washes, ect. I would use some pigments for the dust on the wheels and on the undercarriage.