Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): CMK, Preiser

Modifications: Pour cette réalisation, j'ai commencé par le montage de la cabine et l'ouverture de celle-ci afin de voir l'intérieur. La porte est refaite avec des plaquettes de plastique.

Description: Il est à noter que le plan de montage du Oshkosh fourni avec le M-984 de chez Planet Models est d'une complexité extrême ! A ne pas confier à n'importe quel novice...

Judge 1
Nice building of a complex resin kit. As for painting, is really hard by the picture to tell if there is a camouflage on and what colours has. The looking is overall too dark. Next time instead of putting the kit on the box place it against a neutral background. Weathering is kept to a simple but acceptable levell, only the tyres looks too plain and unrealistic, at least to me.
Judge 2
Really nice to see this subject! Nice build (though another in-build shot from the other side would have helped). Painting is good, just needs a bit more pin wash to bring in the detials, along with some more contrast to the highlights. Otherwise a fantastic build.
Judge 3
This is a nice built model. It's hard to say anything about it, because the pictures are taken from a bit too far. And the backlght is too strong. Next time try to put the light before, and not behind the model. And please take pics about the details. Base colors are good, and the weathering seems to be OK. I can't say anything else.