Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: elliott winthrop

Manufacturer(s): Italeri

Modifications: Air ID panel & tool/satchel clamps/straps from foil,Hasegawa tow shackles,plastic sheets for MG bracket ,hatches & interior boxes,stretched sprue for lifting hooks,Aerials,fire extinguisher & tie downs.

After-market parts: Calibre72 wheels & satchels, Dragon guns from the Landing Craft kit,Extratech tools & etch lamp fenders from there Sherman kits.

Description: this is a M8 called 'Colbert' of the US 2nd Armor Div, Normandy 44. (as per decals in kit) I added a AB figure in the turret & Milicast heads in the drivers compartment. I tried the Sven system of building everything & painting it all black, then OD, both with Tamiya acrylic.Details & washes with Tamiya & Humbrol enamels then pastel chalks both wet (for tyres) & dry overall.

Judge 1
Building is not too bad , even if the gap left to make the interiors part of the Greyhound visible is too evident. Painting and weathering, internal and external, are not the worst I've ever seen, but the overall looking is too plain and heavy, making surface details not well visible. More washings and some filters would have surely improved the model. The decals carrier film is a bit too evident in some areas ( as around the name colbert and tha star on the engine deck).
Judge 2
A very good build. Painting is good although there appears to be some problems with decal silvering. Try a bit more pin-washes to get all the details a bit sharper. I like the way you show the model taken "apart" in one of the photos. Very nice.
Judge 3
All the aftermarket and the home made details are very nice. The base color is OK, anyway all paint job you did is OK. I could say it's an average paint. It's clearly visible that you has good base for improve your painting skills. I would suggest you using more tones, try to make your model more spectacular with some fading, or shading. Overall it's a nice little model.