Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: jiri scucka

Manufacturer(s): Unimodel

Modifications: new armor plates of gun from plastic sheet and bolts ,new bolts around drivers cupola,details of tool holders,new cooler mask from aluminium foil

Description: unidetified unit,france 1944.base sand yellow coat is vallejo and camouflage snakes are made with mix of tamyia paints,details are painted with humbrol enamels (tracks,wheels) and vallejo model color acrylics.i used vallejo satin warnish,some brown and ochre oil filters,wash is mix of brown oil and black humbrol,i always make chips with dark brown from vallejo,i finished it with mix of mig and CMK pigments.

Judge 1
Wow - fantastic build and painting. There seems to be some problems with the tracks but the beautifully applied camo is very subtle and to scale!!! The painting and weathering are first rate and compensate for the troubles on the tracks in my opinion! Soem shots of the fighting compartment would have been good. The black background is a very good effect and shows off the vehicle to good effect. Otherwise EXCELLENT!!!
Judge 2
Perfect. The built is clear and accurate. The home made bolts are very nice. The base color is fine, and the camo is superb. The decals, the washes, filters, pigments are well applied. But let me mention some little touches: - the ammos should have a brass color - I would paint a little wear on the barrel where the stander hold it - you forgot the dark line on the tracks where the rubbered wheels are - you also forgot to paint with steel color the running surface of the iddler wheel That's all. But overall absolutely perfect. Well done!
Judge 3
Excellent model: Very good rebuilding of the replaced parts in the gun shield. What a pity for the track misalligned segments under the third left wheel. Painting nearly perfect, I like especially the mottling effect on the camouflage. Weathering neither too heavy nor too ligth with a realistic dusty effect partuicularly on the tracks and wheels. I would like to have seen a close picture of the crew compartment that seems very detailed too. Very, very good.