Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: Mateusz Mathea

Manufacturer(s): Revell

After-market parts: barrel from Aber

Description: Eastern front , 3PzgrenDiv, winter '42

Judge 1
Very nice straigth out of the box building ( except for the aftermarket gun barrel). No evident flaws in this phase. Whitewash is very good and realistic, as are the mud's build ups in the appropriate areas. As for the weathering, overall impression is really positive. Some more filters, pinwashes and streaks on the superstructure and hull would have add a bit more depth. Also, a non photoshop presentation would have been favourable. Overall, very good!
Judge 2
Stunning. The model obviuosly stresses the skill of painting in this case. Camo is done to scale effect and very subtle. Mud and weathering are excellent. Not much to add.
Judge 3
It's an average build of an average kit. There are some gaps here and there, but it's till a clean build job. The white wash is OK, but the chips have a strange shape, they are a little spoty. Decals are well applied. The mud is too dark for me. It's like we are waching a black&white photo. I would suggest you using a more braun color for the mud, and so a light dust color for the weathering of the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle. The towing cable is too rusty for me, try to use some lead pencil to make it more metallic. I wouldn't paint the jack white. Just "paint it black". And I think the wood base of the jack wasn't painted white too. It's a nice kit, try to pay more attention for this small details, and your work will be perfect! And next time please try to read cerafully the rules! Although this type of background is very spectacular, it's not allowed!