Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: Sven-Åke Grufstedt

Manufacturer(s): Dragon

Modifications: None

After-market parts: A few bits and pieces from various resin manufacturers and a figure from Milicast.

Description: Painted with Vallejo and weathered with artist oils and pigments.

Judge 1
It's a very clean and accurate build. The only thing I would mention about it the left side track, it's too long, and it's visible on the front. The solution for this problem could be puting the redundant tracks under the skirts. The base color, and the camo is very good, and the decals are well applied too. the paint of the little details are also very good, but there are some problems with the weathering. I think there is no logical order in the wetharing. Everything is dusty everywhere. I would suggest you apply the oils and pigments in a logical order. So the lower part of the side skirts should be very dusty, and you can apply some pigments on the horizontal surfaces. I would paint some scratches too. Overall it's a nice built and well painted model, you only should improve your weathering skills. But realy well done!
Judge 2
First-rate. Nothin`else to say...
Judge 3
Very smooth and crisp out of the box assembly with judicious employment of the photo-etched parts provided by the kit. Painting seems very accurate and realistic while weathring, even if positively good, looks a little too striking with a very marked drybrush and deep washes. Also the external loads on the engine's deck lacks any fixations, thus looking a bit unrealistic, but this doesn'taffect the overall judgement on the model. It's a pity that dragon didn't supply a lens for the light on the turret roof.Very good decals placement. Despite the above mentioned minor flaws, an overal excellent model!