Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Jason Boulter

Manufacturer(s): Heller

Modifications: The model needs too much work to bring it up to a decent standard, but I really like this tank..... so I decided to limit myself to the following: The kit barrel was un-usable and I scratch built a new one from styrene rod, I also added the missing armoured guard to the commanders cupola viewing slit and remade the headlight using the original part and sprue, the lens was made by softening some clear acetate sheet then stretching it over a pre-shaped toothpick and then some careful carving. The crew access steps were made from brass sheet.

After-market parts: none

Description: Tank 65, 4ème Escadron du 2ème Cuirassiers as it appeared in the battle of Hannut on the 13th of May 1940 where it met its demise. I airbrushed the sandy base colour with Gunze hobby color yellow (H313) over a Tamiya NATO black primer. The green camo was hand painted with Vallejo model color Yellow Olive and the black outline was made with a .5mm gel ink pen. It was weathered with artists oils, Vallejo & Tamiya acrylics, MIG pigments and Lifecolor tensocrom colours.

Judge 1
Very good build of an otherwise mediocre kit. The tracks are basdic, but you have done them quite well. Paint scheme is well done. Would only suggest more even distribution of oil streaks on the lower running gear. Painting could also need a bit more pin washes. Very well done.
Judge 2
So the home made details are good, even you didn't use too much of these. Of course as you said it's a hard work to build a good model from this kit. The paint is good, colors are OK for me. Decals are well applied. Weathering seems to be OK for me. This model is a good example for that with a good paint and weathering you could reach a good result, even if it's only an avarage build job.
Judge 3
good work on an obsolete kit! i like the camouflage, even if some brush strokes are visible at a close inspection, with such a kind of scheme is nearly unavoidable. I also appreciate the dusty effect on the turret and the upper hull, very realistic. Good weathering overall and excellent decals placement!Nice kit!