Wehrmacht Fuel Tanker

Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Brian J. Brown

Manufacturer(s): Wiking (1/87 scale)

Modifications: Replaced front and rear wheels/tires with those from an Opel Blitz cargo truck. Cut off and sanded down molded on head lights and replaced them extra's from cargo truck version. Added width indicators to front fenders, jack under drivers door, rear trailer hitch and rear tail lights. Markings from TL-Decals.

After-market parts: All additions came from my spares box.

Description: Unknown supply unit operating in the rear area of a Wehrmacht armored/motorized unit.

Judge 1
It is a simple OOTB kit, very well painted, especially given the scale, with an excellent decals palcement. Weathering is appropriate for a fuel truck, I would have add only a bit more soot and dust onthe lower part of the hull. Nice
Judge 2
Very clean build. Painting and application of decals is first-rate. Could sue a bit more dirt around the lower surfaces for a bit of interest. Also the pin washes seem uneven in some areas, but otherwise a veru intersting subject that should be applauded. Excellent!
Judge 3
It's a clean and accurate build job you did on this Blitz. The base color is good, decals are well applied. You did some nice washes, and some drybrushing. I would suggest you using some chips, and some more dust on the undercarrige. Overall it's a nice model.