Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: charles carroll

Manufacturer(s): Hasegawa-88 , Fujimi-BMW , Academy-Kubelwagen

Modifications: Lots of scratch built details to the 88 and limbers, most ammo crates , cans and water barrels scratch built. White plastic & brass & copper wire used. Match sticks used for lumber. Extra-Tech , CMK , Revell and Priseir figures.

Description: A DAK 88 site enjoys a quiet time for lunch. Polly Scale and Model Master paints , oil wash and pastels for weathering.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: What a good job you've done of the Hasegawa 88, I didn't think it was possible to make such a simple kit look so good, well done. It's a pitty the photos weren't a bit better to show off your good work, they are too heavily compressed making it hard to see the finer details, try and keep such large images to around 100kb. The Kublewagon is also well done and the scratch built jerry can holders are a nice touch. The paint work is well applied and I really like the camo on the 88. The dust is pretty good but in places the thicker bits are too light and unrealistic, using some very thin acrylic paint to darken them in place will work. The figures are well done and the poses and grouping are realistic. I like the colours you've chosen but they could be further enhanced with some deeper shadows and more definition, lining out is a difficult technique to master but will certainly help with shadows and definition. Over all very well done. Jason.
Judge 2
Terrain is ok, i like the coloration job. The gun position is very well done, probably and personally this diorama is too much clean. Good also the wall and the tend.
Judge 3
A la guerre comme a la guerre. Still, while having a break is a opportunity to eat, and the crew of this gun are all enjoying this break. The composition shows us the whole position of the gun with two shelters. Both shelters are occupied by soldiers, but only one group of them is eating. Though as far as I can see on a blurred background of the photos some dishes are staying on a small table under the tent. So the better name for work would be “A quiet 88 at rest” or just “A quiet 88”. As for composition, it doesn’t help to understand the idea of the diorama at once, since the soldiers are scattered and partly covered under the tent, and in the centre of the work we’ve got a vehicle, and the foreground is occupied by the gun and its carriages. As for small details – they’re make the whole work livelier, but it’ll be natural to see a little more ammo near the gun since the amount present on the diorama can be shot in less than a minute.