Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: Akos Szabo

Manufacturer(s): Revell, Mig productions, Preiser

After-market parts: Aber gun barrel and Extratech photo etched parts

Description: Eastern front, february 1945. The scene shows a little unit are looking for the way out across the abandoned factory. Revell Pz.IV, Mig productions buildings and figures, Preiser cart, modified H0 rail, all others are schratchbuilt. Painted with Humbrol and Revell enamels and weathered with oil washes, artist's pecils and pigments. Pz.IV winter camo was painted with Vallejo acrilics with hairspray technique.

Judge 1
The composition is well-thought – the tank with soldiers is in the centre of the diorama both in horizontal and vertical planes. But this isn’t the single reason why the tank immediately catches attention. Its white camouflage contrasts with dull colors of surroundings. Still, the camouflage is greatly worn off and this matches well with ravaged scenery. The scenery itself is another strong point of the work. Each of the buildings, the rail and the water deserve to be placed on a separate work – so carefully they are made. The author well-thought small details as well, the very small details that form the overall impression of dioramas with damaged buildings. E.g. not bricks only, but bricks with rubbish, dust and broken beams make such dioramas look natural.
Judge 2
Vehicles and Figures: This is a very well constructed scene and quite realistic. The tank is very well made and the paint work is very good, it would have been nice to have some closer shots. It could be the bright lights you've used when taking the photos but the finial finish seems to lack depth and shading. The dust and mud is well placed but is a little monochromatic and doesn't suit the urban scene it also seems flat and lacks shading. The contrast between the dark yellow and the white wash is quite good, not easy to do and the scratch on the rear schurtzen is excellent but to me I find the warn white wash, although spectacular, not that realistic. The positioning of the squad leader and the MG gunner seem strange (tactically) but apart from this the figures are great, well painted and nicely shaded with excellent weathering and they fit well into their environment. Very good job. Jason.
Judge 3
what can I say? Stunning! I like all, buildings, road, bridge... Very well built and very well colored. Strikes me in particular the dusty aspect of the whole diorama and attention to details. Excellent!