By: Thomas Kelm

Manufacturer(s): Dragon& Hasegawa and a Mig Ruin

Modifications: All the fenders were made thinner,

Description: The Figurines from Retrokit? The Ruin is from Mig, the Mashines and tools were scratchbuild. I used a lot of Colors, like Arcylics, oils many Pigments by MIG. These Dio I made 10 month ago!

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: I must start by saying that it is quite hard to judge this model due to the photos, they lack depth of field and are not very clear making it hard to see your hard work. It is very hard to get good photo's at close range with a flash or strong single point lighting, the light source is too bright, it evens out all the colours and flattens the details. Please read our photo guide for some tips. The vehicles seems to be built well with only the tigers tracks needing attention, make sure you glue them to the wheels to avoid the "floating tank" look. The colours look good, the camo pattern is fine and the decals are well applied. When painting freehand camo pay attention to over spray, I spray camo at a very low pressure <0.8 atmosphere or 10 PSI to avoid this, also experiment with paint to thinner ratios, some paints like to be sprayed thinner than others. Due to the photos it is hard to see the subtle weathering although it does seem that the dust application is too uniform, you need some areas dust free to provide some contrast. The figures have good poses and I like the camo pattern, very hard to do in this scale. The flesh tones need a few more coats and could be further enhanced with some subtle shading. Overall a little more time and care taken with the finer details and weathering will greatly improve your work, good job. Jason.
Judge 2
The idea of this diorama to show a group of German tankers enjoying a short break is clear. Still the composition isn’t that good. The scene with soldiers isn’t clearly seen from two points of view (as photos clearly show). And the large beast is another weak point. Using such large vehicles in such small works means that they consciously or not will attract much attention as happened here. I think the best part of this work is the ruined house with all the interior stuff carefully recreated. But here as well, some more could be done for the sake of realism. E.g. there are pieces of glass in window frames, but (taking into consideration the size of the windows) no glass on the ground. Bricks and rubbish are good, but some brick blocks have too even edges. So a little more attention to small details, and there will be a very good work.
Judge 3
House is very beautiful, well built and painted. I like the dusty effect that i would enlarged also to the near road. Tree is wuite good, the general look is not so real regarding the vegetation.