By: Werner Kattinger

Manufacturer(s): Emhar, Reviresco, RPM

Modifications: Mk. IV rebuilt into Mk. V, anti-grenade roof on Lancia, interiors

After-market parts: none

Description: Ireland 1920, the British forces had been informed about a stronghold of the Republican Army. Regulars, the Royal Irish Constabulary and a few Black and Tans, supported by an armoured car and two tanks, have been sent to get the rebels. After a fierce though one-sided firefight the Republicans had to surrender. But they have bought time for their leaders to get away.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: This is a very interesting scene and follows your script very well, it's a pity the photos are so small and quite blurry, although thank you for including close ups. The construction of all the vehicles is quite good, considering the humble kits used. The paint is a good colour but is too thick obscuring the finer details and leaving brush strokes. Try building the paint up using many coats of much tinner paint (I use 50:50 paint to thinner when brush painting). Some darker pinwashes would certainly add some depth and shading around the details and add more interest to the final finish. I like the figures, their is a good mix of uniforms and styles making it visually interesting. They are generally well painted with good poses and positions within the scene, good job. Jason.
Judge 2
I cannot see the whole scene. it seems that the general look is good but many particular could be better. I think the coloration could be more real with some tone variation and many filter and dirty.
Judge 3
We are all focused on great conflicts of the last century, but small ones usually left unnoticed. Still, Ireland was one of the regions where constant fighting was going for a long time. The diorama shows us one episode of this fighting. The culmination of this episode is surrender of a group of insurgences. But the composition of the diorama isn’t well thought to show in all details the event. Insurgences and their stronghold are place too close to one side, the Whippet tank with its bright markings distracts attention from them and covers them, other vehicles are too concentrated on the opposite side and practically in the centre stay a house that plays no role in the subject. However, the author didn’t show the stronghold surrounded by British forces, and may be that’s why the rebels’ leaders escaped. The poses of the rebels and the soldiers are quite natural, but the civilians on the background look too relaxed, if it wasn’t a fighting nearby a couple of minutes ago.