Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: Michel van den Berghe

Manufacturer(s): FineScaleFactory, Roden, Airfix, Revell, DDS, Kai

Modifications: Broken trees are fine real roots of an tree, the trenches are base from kai fuhrmann, havily reworked with scrtached pieces and sections, like sandbags, woodenworks and shelter. Backgroundpicture for holding Albatros was handpainted with windsor newton acrylics.

After-market parts: Decals Albatros from FCM and Part Set , barbed wire JMP Set, the tension wire for albatros is special nylonyarn 0,1mm thick

Description: The scenery plays in the year of the first world war somewhere at the western front. A german " Jagdflieger" with his Albatros throws an eye deep in the hell of the battlefields where the germans take time to gather and to take a little rest, after they have reconquered the british and also their own trenches once again.Colors are used were tamiya , humbrol, oilcolors, acrylics and chalks. The plain was airbrushed with tamiya and finished handpainted. The fieldhowitzer was painted with real rust and finished with oils and chalks. Figures are reworked , upgraded and scratch built. Rats and skellets ,too.

Judge 1
Figures and Aeroplane: What a beautiful and yet at the same time terrible scene you've depicted. The Albatros is fantastic it is very well made and painted, the wooden fuselage is just amazing. I like the contrast between the clean lines and finish on the aeroplane and the filthy dirty jumbled up mess of the ground war. The figures are also well made and adapted to their new roles I really like the Tommy carrying the wounded Jerry and the make shift blanket stretcher. Your figure painting is very good, here are some things you may want to consider: I would like to see some more tones in the uniforms to add greater depth and interest and a darker line out to help define the uniform details. Making the shadow areas deeper and therefore increasing the contrast would improve the look of figures. I must finish by saying the figures are well weathered into their environment making the whole scene very realistic. Excellent work a credit to our scale.
Judge 2
Horror of war… It’s the first thing that comes into my mind when I look at this work. The title of the diorama one hundred percent reflects its contents. Such works usually do not have the single subject around which the scene is being built. Such works can be observed as a whole and part by part, and in both cases they will retranslate the same impression. This means much attention should be paid to small details, and we see that the author did well. In general many efforts and some imaginative approaches were done to create this diorama and all I wish is to have more close-up photos – just to look at and to learn more.
Judge 3
Nothing to say! excellent! i love all, the general look, the attention to all details. Trench is so real...