By: Alvaro Ortega H.

Manufacturer(s): Dragon - Hasegawa

Modifications: Scratch built Flakvierling 38 platform

Description: There was only one vehicle of this type that was modified and used for the 653 Armored Panzer Battalion in the East Front. Painted with acrylics Vallejo and weathering with MIG pigment.

Judge 1
The composition of this vignette is very simple. Though the vehicle is standing parallel the stand its turret is slightly turned and the stand itself is done at an angle to one side which all breaks the lines of the stand and adds to perception of the work. The weak point of the vignette is the figure. First of all, it would be logical for him to stand on the tank to see more far from a height. Then, if a vehicle is an anti-aircraft one, it would be logical for a soldier to look in the sky to find out air targets.
Judge 2
Figure and Vehicle: I must start by saying the photo's could be a bit closer and 2 of them are almost exactly the same, the distance makes it quite difficult to see your hard work. I think you've done a good job on the conversion and the construction in general is quite well done. I know these Dragon tracks are hard to work with but try and keep the sag consistent, it looks like they defy gravity around the idler wheels. The base colours are well applied and quite convincing (in the progress shot) but somehow in the weathering process they have become unclear and muffled and all your contrast has disappeared. The interior of the turret looks out of place compared to the dirtiness of the exterior. The tracks and lower hull are nicely dirtied as I would expect and I like the colour variations on the spare amo boxes. The figure is pretty good but seems to be glossy, again the photo's make it hard to see him but he could be further improved with some darker shadows. Overall a pretty good model, well done. Jason.
Judge 3
The ground is simple with few tone variation. Terrain is quite uniform and brass color is little strange. A green base with many variation tone with other different green, light brown and yellow would be better.