Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): Revell, Italieri, Preiser, Airfix....

Description: Une époque que nous ne trouvons pas souvent à notre échelle de prédilection ! J'ai voulu reproduire un camps de base avancé de l'armée américaine avec ses contraintes, ses problèmes et toute sa vie journalière !

Judge 1
Very beautiful, I like the general view and also all details. The reproduction of a Vietnam military camp is very good. The viet hut is a jewel
Judge 2
Figures and Vehicles: There is certainly a lot going on in this scene, I like the guys working on the APC and the destroyed helicopter is great. I must admit it is hard to see all your hard work as most of the photos are blurry, lacking depth of field. The construction is pretty good where visible, well done here. The paint work is ok but the weathering is a weak spot and it's not up to the same standard as the construction, time spent refining this area would be well spent. The mud in some places looks randomly brushed on and not at all where I would expect to see it. For instance one of the cargo trucks there is mud on the tyre walls but only on part of the tread. The figures look good and interact well with each other this is a strong point of your work, well done. Jason.
Judge 3
Vietnam War isn’t the subject very often seen on dioramas, and you’ve showed us the whole episode of it. It’s good that you’ve explained the idea behind your work and, according to this idea, all the contents look logical. Still, too many vehicles aren’t necessary to show an episode from a camp life. Especially having one destroyed helicopter which immediately attracts attention. I’d also mention that the soldiers are all put too close to other objects and there’s no one standing in the road or somewhere in the open space. I’d also like to see some kind of fence or at least a barbed wire around the camp. Anti-tank hedgehog isn’t necessary since Vietnamese insurgents and NVA haven’t used tanks in large numbers.