By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): Preiser, Dragon, CMK, Italieri, Revell

Description: L'ensemble des véhicules sortent directement des boîtes sans grandes modifications. Il est à noter que quelques adjonctions ont été faites sur les véhicules.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: Wow what a busy scene you've created, 8 vehicles and a trailer! I can't comment on all the vehicles so I'll make some general comments. The construction seems quite solid and the paint work is well applied. The smaller details get a bit lost in the final finish and would benefit from a darker pin wash. The dry brushing is overdone in places and the application is too heavy leaving visible brush marks. For such a dusty urban wasteland with so much traffic I would expect to see more dust on the vehicles and figures too but I really like the windscreen on the truck. I don't have a good image of any of the figures making it difficult to comment but it seems that they are a bit glossy especially considering the environment, their camo looks good. Jason.
Judge 2
I like the general view that is very similar to the real Iraq landscape. Personally I would put more rubbles. The decoration is too much uniform.
Judge 3
The subject of the work isn’t clear. The diorama looks like a stand for numerous vehicles (7 ones!), but it shows no idea of what is going on. The vehicles are crowded round a pedestal, so may the soldiers are discussing that a statue of Saddam once stood there. Placing such a broken statue, reducing the number of vehicles to 3-4 and naming the work something like “The end of dictator” would make a perfect diorama. As for other objects, ruins look natural except they lack rubbish, pieces of broken furniture, etc. inside. The bridge is the best part of the work, well placed and really making the background of the diorama look more interesting.