Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: Eyal Reinfeld

Manufacturer(s): Revell

Modifications: The anti slip plates are from artificial snow powder, smoe details were added from plasticard such as the canister on the back, and the figures were modified from Preiser's Lufwtwaffe bomber crew. Main mistake is that I didn't notice I'm building a T5 tank where I should have modified it to T6.

Description: The vignette shows a Leclerc of the French UN forces in Lebanon. It is based on a real pictures, though I dusted the model more than the real life tank.

Judge 1
Simple but impressive. No figures outside of the vehicle, no buildings, no scattered stuff, but a bridge, a river, and a tank standing high like a monument on a pedestal. I’d also add good coloration – from grey and earth tones to white which emphasize the effect of a monument.
Judge 2
Vehicle and figures: What a good looking tank, the all white scheme is a challenge that I think you've met well. Your photos are quite good and it would have been nice to have more of them, 8 photos were permitted this month. You have also forgotten to include an image of the left side and rear of the tank, some close ups would have been good too. The construction is sound and I think you've done a good job with the anti-slip coating. The paint is well applied with good coverage, not easy to do with white. When considering the base colour I feel that the pinwash could have been less intense and of a lighter shade. The messy effect created by this dark colour bleeding over onto the anti-slip coating is, I find, undesirable. I like the subtle dust on the sides but would expect to see more, considering the dusty environment, on the horrizontal surfaces. The figures have been converted very well and I like the colours. Due to the lack of close ups it's hard to say much more, but like the tank they seem to have a very heavy shading. Overall I really like what you've done, good work. Jason.
Judge 3
Very beautiful and simple vignette. I like the general look and I have added only few vegetation on the slope (but if it's based on a real photo, probably is good as is)