Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: jiri scucka

Manufacturer(s): unimodel/preiser

Modifications: polystyren, papiermaché, fine sand, static grass, sea foam.about with static grass.

Description: base is made from polystyren,terrain is made from papiermaché and is dredged with fine sand and about static grass. trees is made from glued branches of seafoam with cover of static grass and marjoram. all is painted wit various colors by vallejo and mig pigments

Judge 1
It’s a simple vignette, but it has a couple of strong points. First of all, the placement of vegetation – the trees are forming perfect background which contrasts with sandy ground and yellowish vehicle. This background along with some vegetation on the foreground of the same bright green color makes us feel the vehicle is inside some kind of a wood. Still, some kind of cover story or at least information about what vehicle, what unit, what time period, etc. could be added.
Judge 2
Figures and Vehicles: With 8 photos to submit this month it would have been nice to see some close ups and shots of the interior and figures. What more can I say that wasn't said in October, very impressive model. Well built and detailed, good paintwork, subtle camouflage and weathering. The addition of the figures and their positioning enhances the model even further. Excellent work. Jason.
Judge 3
Very good vegetation made! I like the composition and also the decoration very real. Also the road is very good.