By: Zeller Michel

Manufacturer(s): Revell, Italie, Preiser, Dragon...

Description: Le titre dit tout ! La MINUK - Mission d’administration intérimaire des Nations Unies au Kosovo - est une opération de maintien de la paix instituée sous l’autorité du Conseil de sécurité avec mission de réformer et relever le Kosovo et de préparer le territoire à des élections et à une éventuelle autonomie. du mandat de la MINUK et des décisions du Conseil, s’il le faut par l’usage de la force.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: Wow, what an impressive number of vehicles, sometimes 8 photos isn't enough! You've made good use of the photos with some nice close ups, well done. The construction is quite consistent with nothing obvious to point out. The colours are good as are the camo schemes. I think the paint coverage on the white vehicles could be a bit better (this is alway hard to do) and in general the dry brushing is too heavy, most noticeable on the tank transporter. The mud is too thick, randomly placed and in general unconvincing. In general the figures are pretty good and I like the camouflage uniforms, they could be further enhanced with some darker shading. I find the dry brushing on the weapons is overdone taking away from the realism. I really like the interaction between the 2 men in front of the Faun, very realistic. Good job.
Judge 2
I like the composition on two level and very balanced. Terrain is convincing, not so the trees. I think the coloration could be less uniform and more varied. Same think about terrain coloration, the two road in particular. Also for the rocks it valid the same thought.
Judge 3
This is another diorama that captures a picture of some event but doesn’t tell what’s going on. Of course, we know that peacekeeping forces in Kosovo (KFOR) like other UN peacekeeping forces have a mandate to use force if it’s necessary to prevent fighting. May be a large number of vehicles on the diorama shows determination of peacekeepers to fulfill their task? Still, it happened that your 8 (or 10?) vehicles created impression they are standing in a traffic jam. However, the composition has its strong points. The raised background forms another level of perception which could be exploited much better. I’ve also found one mistake – practically all vehicles (except one Bradley) lack “KFOR” insignia.