Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Eyal Reinfeld

Manufacturer(s): Dragon

Modifications: OOB build

After-market parts: AB figures, Silflor grass, noch leaves

Description: The vignette shows a platton of GIs passing an abandoned German half track. This was the first braille scale model I';ve made after a very long time, and was so much fun I got hooked with small scale models.

Judge 1
This diorama looks like a scene from “Saving private Ryan” movie – the first thing that occurred me when I looked at it. A good subject to recreate a scene happened somewhere in Europe after the D-Day. Besides this the composition is quite convincing, a good choice of marching figures. Still, the vehicle doesn’t look like it was abandoned. You can turn a gun's barrel aside, open rear doors, storage bins or front hatches or add some scattered stuff like a helmet, a flask, etc. This would make the diorama in general and the vehicle in particular livelier.
Judge 2
Little scene very attractive. General view of the terrain is good; brass is well done and i like the disposition. The road is quite well, but I find the color not convincing (could be also the photo...).
Judge 3
Vehicles and Figures: These DML halftracks are great little models and you've done a good job on this one with just a couple of thing to point out: the join between the upper and lower hull is visible as is the track join on the GI's side. The paint is well applied and the camo is convincing. I think the pinwash is a little strong subtracting from the realism. The figures are also quite good with good colours. As with the vehicle I think the shadow regions/line out is too strong and the flesh lacks vibrancy and is a little pale. Overall I like the scene, well done. Jason