By: Thomas Kelm

Manufacturer(s): MAC

Modifications: I sratched the Armotrailer, with Plasticcard and Cooperwire, the Flak was updated with Plastiksheet, wire and Paper, the Horch got a new Canvas from Tamiya Putty and some wire.

Description: The Figurines are from diffrent Manufactors, like AB, Preiser...., some got heads from MIG. The Car was airbrushed with Tamiya Arcylics, washed with Artistsoilcolors and weathered with Tamiya Dustset. The base is made from Styrodur, a Photoframe, the House is scratchbuild from wood with fine sand on it. The door and windowcloses made from Wood and plastiksheet. It was painted with Arcylics, Oils and finished with Pigments from MIG.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicles: I must start by saying that the photos are quite good and in focus with plenty of close ups, well done here. You've also done a good job on this simple kit, the Horch is well made with the extra details making a difference, the scratch built trailer is simply superb well done. I like the colours you've chosen and it was a good idea to paint the flak gun a different colour it really adds some interest. You've made the colour interesting with some subtle colour variation and I like the decals. Take a bit more care when painting the smaller details as in places the colours go outside their boundaries, most noticable are the trailer wheels and steering wheel. The pinwash around the engine grills looks a bit messy and it could also be darker around the smaller details to help them stand out. The chipping on the Horch and gun is not bad but on the trailer it is much less convincing. The figures like the Horch are generally ok but I find the colours are a bit pale. The colour also slip outside the boundaries but otherwise the figures are well placed with good poses. Good job. Jason.
Judge 2
Building face i good, I like the wall filling. I'm not convinced about terrain. It seems asphalt. I would put some sand and different type of earth on the border where there are the brass. Coloration is quite well, probably more weathering on the wall with some filtering would give more reality to the house
Judge 3
The idea of the diorama isn’t very clear. On the foreground we can see a vehicle with a crew and on the background there is a house. After a careful looks we can see a ladder near the house wall and two men, one of whom is observing surrounding with binoculars (as far as I can see on these blurred photos). The idea and the North African entourage is good, the poses of the soldiers (especially the climbing one) are natural, but the composition isn’t good. You should do something to attract attention to the soldiers on the roof. May be you should reconsider the whole composition or simple add some details to the house, because now it looks like a movie decoration. Some stuff like pots or tools near the door could make this house livelier. Livelier like the trailer full of supplies or the vehicle without a spare wheel is. A brightly painted barrel on the foreground also distracts attention of the house.