Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Alvaro Ortega H.

Manufacturer(s): Italeri - Dragon

Modifications: Italeri kit with Dragon parts

Description: This T – 34 looks frightening while it moves around the snowy , cold Russian fields. Painted with Russian green enamel and winter camouflage in Vallejo acrilic. Ground in Das Pronto clay and snow in baking soda.

Judge 1
The idea of the author to show a frightening tank moving across the snowy cold field is appears to be clear when we look at this work. Standing and lying tree trunks undoubtedly touched by war emphasize the “dead” surroundings. The white basis of the vignette sharply contrasts with black stand thus adding more to the impression of imaginative empty space around the tank. Still, I’d like to pity a soldier sitting on the tank. He’s wearing summer uniform, and we can imagine how cold it is for him.
Judge 2
Not so bad. Ground work is well done, probably a more clear sharp mark of the tracks on the snow would be better. I do not see very weel from these photos the snow effect but it seems more a simple terrain painted in whitw; could be only the photo quality problem.
Judge 3
Figures and Vehicle: Looking a this I certainly feel cold, good job. Which brings me to the point, why is the soldier not wearing winter clothing? That aside I like the little scene you've created. The model is pretty well constructed with a couple of things showing up: a small gap in the track on one side, some miss aligned wheels, variable track sag and the main gun droops down. I like the paint work it's well applied and looks suitably worn (a darker green would have added to the contrast), the stowage adds some life and I think you've done a good job on the mud with some nice colour variation. It is hard to say much about the figure as he is quite small in the photo's, with 8 photos I would have expected at least one closeup of the figure. Overall I think you've done a good job, a little more attention in the construction phase will certainly improve the final results. Jason.