Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Philippe EDERN

Manufacturer(s): Hornisse from DRAGON

Modifications: grab handles made from wire. the tree are make in wire with white glue and zeechium branches. the wall are in plaster . the figures comes from preiser and milicast .

Description: Abteilung 525 covered the withdrawal of the german troops in Italy after the breakout from Anzio in 1944.A hornisse from this unit lies in ambush to shoot any allied afv that might dare to roam the italian countryside in range of its 88 mm gun !!

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicle: It has proven difficult to judge this model from the provided photo's, in the most part they are not close enough and the one that is lacks depth of field leaving only a small portion in focus. They are also very heavily compressed with lots of artifacts around the edges and details, 100kb is a good size for such large photos. This is already quite a detailed model with the bits you've added being a noticeable improvement. The grill and the track on the left hand side are a little out of shape and the wheels on the right hand side are out of alignment (some leaning in, some out), apart from that the build is pretty good. The paint is well applied and I think you've done a very good job on the camo, the pattern and the colours are very believable. The decals also blend well with the final finish. It's very hard to see the weathering in the photo's but it does seem as if the dust on the running gear doesn't carry over onto the hull sides which I would expect. The dust could also be enhanced with some colour variation and deeper shadows. The figures look realistic but it would have been nice to have a close up or two to see all your hard work. Keep up the good work. Jason.
Judge 2
I love the tree. Very real and well done, the coloration too. Terrain is well done in particular the brass that convince me. Road seems very simple respect at the rest. For a dirt road I would put more type of granulated earth and some different coloration to give more reality to the road
Judge 3
Nashorn with its excellent gun but weak armor was a perfect ambush weapon, so it’s not unusual to see it here in this role. A tree with a stone fence covers it well, and the marching soldiers with all their looks show they are confident that the vehicle will cover them. All is good, the choice of the vehicle and the figures, the idea and the composition, but… The story tells us the vehicle is covering retreating troops, but the soldiers are marching towards the enemy… And one more thing to mention – a little see more rubbish of stone fence, not big blocks, but small ones as well would make this work livelier.