Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: Francesco Senatore

Manufacturer(s): Revell

After-market parts: Aber gun barrel - Part photoetched - Figure by Warrior

Description: This Tiger Ausf H the pertaining to 102° SS Panzer Abteilung, in Normandia in 1944. It introduces the classic camouflage of the Wermacht. The paint work only Tamiya acrylic, Washing with oil colors. Weathering with pigments from MIG.

Judge 1
The vignette is small, but it has some interesting things to mention. As for composition – it benefits of diagonal placement of the tank and its turret slightly turned aside. Almost crushed fence shows that the tank was on move and stopped just recently – this feature adds extra realism to work. The main problem with placing scattered litter, pieces of equipment and other things of the same sort is to know when enough is enough. And I think the author provided his work with all this stuff in necessary quantities without overfilling the whole vignette. So I can say it’s a nice little work.
Judge 2
Very simple composition but much beautiful and very well done. few details put in a convincing position and that can explain very well the operational theatre. I like also the coloration; personally I would colored the wooden fence with a different tone of brown to put it in emphasis.
Judge 3
Figures and Vehicle: 8 photos were allowed this month and it would have been nice to some more of this very good model, especially some close ups. An under construction photo is also absent. The model is well constructed with only a small problem with tracks on top of the left hand sprocket being of concern. The PE zimmerit is well done and quite convincing as are the other additions. Although I find the chain overscale the rest of the stowage is very well done. The paint is well applied and shaded, I won't comment on the colours as the photo's are overexposed and the colour balance is out. I like the camo pattern and the decals are very well applied, the only thing I would change is the black muzzle brake and I would expect the steel rims on the road wheel to be metallic. The commander figure is superb, the extra details you've added (head set, lapels etc.) are first rate and the pea dot camo is simply stunning. Excellent work. Jason.