Gold medal

Awarded: Gold

By: Stepan Los

Manufacturer(s): Revell, Hauler, Dragon, Preiser, Warriors

Description: This diorama represent german attempt  to makeshift hale off turret basics to next completing,but they was surprised by speed attack of red army and had to all leave off. Materials:plaster,fine sand,static grass platform is scratchbuilt and rails is by calibre72.

Judge 1
Vehicles and Figures: Wow, what a very impressive job you've done. The Famo is superbly built and the extra details you've added have maximum impact. I really like the damage such as the bent bars on the radiator grill, dents in the front fenders and the more subtle dents along the side fenders. The paint is well applied (the colour is a little light for me) with subtle tonal variation. The chipping, scratching and wear and tear is exceptional and the dust is perfect with good tonal variation and exactly where I'd expect to find it. The turrets and trailer are also exceptional. The figures certainly give the impression of having just arrived and their excitement of this "find" is evident. They are well painted with good action poses, simply superb. Even under this strong photographic light they come across as well shaded with the uniform transition from shadows to highlights the best I've seen. Keep up the good work. Jason.
Judge 2
Very beautiful, excellent! I like the two level composition and terrain is very well done. Brass is very good and well positioned. i love railroad and all coloration. Nothing to say...
Judge 3
“What if” scenarios are not the ones that can be often seen on the dioramas, so your work looks interesting enough. The composition is complicated, but you did a good job to visually separate the scene going on the road from the scene on the background with moving the later a little up. Figures is a good choice, they really show fast advancing troops, so fast that some of the soldiers even do not look at their unusual trophies. The soldiers examining the turrets look natural except the one background that seems to try to move the turret. Some rubbish on the ground, the punctured tire adds to realism of the work.