Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: Werner Kattinger

Manufacturer(s): Preiser

Modifications: WWII Germans redone

Description: The Hapsburg kuk monarchy, 1911. Recruit Hazek had a bright idea - why walk while he could ride. Thus he volunteered for the cavalry and was sent to a dragoon regiment. There is only problem - Hazek cannot ride, never been near a horse and he REALLY can not ride a horse. Now his corporal, his sergeant and even his lieutenant are busy working some horsemanship into poor Hazek, though he has fallen from the horse five times already. And his comrades, their duty already finished for the day, have gathered to watch this circus, half encouraging Hazek and half happy that there is somebody else to be the object of their superiors´ efforts.

Judge 1
Figures and Horses: This is a very interesting scene with a good story, it's a pity the photos are so small, quite blurry and out of colour balance, but thank you for including close ups. You've done a pretty good job converting these figures they are quite believable, good job. The colours are good and strong and there is good coverage. In places the paint has gone outside the appropriate boundaries with some red sneaking onto the boots etc. The paint is too thick in most cases and obscures the finer details, try building up the colour with many thin layers, very time consuming but worth the effort. Spending tome lining out the details in a darker contrasting colour is also a good way to add more depth and interest to figures. I like how you've made Hazek so dirty you've done this well, keep up the good work. Jason
Judge 2
Simple and little vignette, terrain is ok, but I find coloration too "red" (perhaps could be the photos). wooden fence is good and coloration should be more dark and dirty.
Judge 3
A funny work showing that in the army there’s some place for fun. Though for the main hero the situation isn’t funny at all. May be at the moment he’s thinking that marching with infantry would have been better than learning to ride a horse. At least his pose corresponds to these thoughts – well done here. Other poses are also quite natural, though it’ll be better to see some more emotions on the faces of the spectators. As for overall composition it’ll be better to place the main hero closer to the centre and the mounted officers a little aside so that the eye will immediately focus on the main hero’s figure.