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By: Ron Lawson

Manufacturer(s): ESCI Panzer II Ausf. F Kit 8003

Modifications: This is the old ESCI kit modified from a Ausf. F to Ausf. C with Zusatzpanzer (upgraded armor) to fit the French campaign timeframe. Added armor to the turret, and front armor, had to cut back at an angle the square front to match the configuration of the C vs the F version and add the bolt heads to the added armor. In addition I removed the box on the rear engine cover door, and modified the F style copula to match the IIC modified copula. Also modified the kit's commander figure from an Afrika Korp style cap to a older style beret cap and cut away the feet so he would fit inside the cupola. Added a new main gun barrel to replace the kit gun, with not entirely satisfactory results. Used the kit supplied tracks, which are pretty marginal. The F style rear Idler wheel was apparently used on some upgraded A/B/C models as evidenced by photos of a Panzer II C with Zusatzpanzer on display in the former Yugoslavia.

Description: This Panzer II Ausf C with Zusatzapanzer represents a tank that was probably with the 6th Panzer division, since that unit was unusual in that few of it's tanks had the large turret numbers used by other divisions. It was camouflaged using the standard 2/3 gray 1/3 brown pattern in use at the time. As part of Rhienhardt's XLI Panzer Korps, it was distinguished in action in May and June of 1940. According to a 6th Panzer division history "During the French campaign of 1940, the division formed the spearhead of the German thrust across the Meuse, reaching Cassel near the Channel coast in just nine days. The second phase of the campaign in France saw the division being attached to Guderian's Panzergruppe and fighting it's way south-east to Epinal, taking the fortifications there by 21st June. The French campaign ended four days later.

Judge 1
You’ve done some nice modification to Esci’s old Panzer II kit. The basic build appears sound, but as you allude to, your replacement barrel for the 20mm looks a bit “stocky”. You’ve made a good effort at some advanced techniques to add depth to your finish however the wash is a bit streaky looking and the drybrushing is a bit highly contrasting. A mist coat of highly thinned base colour applied over your wash and drybrushing will help blend these in and create a more subtle effect. The weathering on the tracks is nicely done. A similar application to the exhaust along with drilling out the exhaust pipe would have been a nice enhancement. Good effort.
Judge 2
Nice work on the conversion details, The barrel looks to be slightly better Good colours of the base coat & the tracks I'm not sure what the large knick's on top of the turret edge are for? I think they are over scale if there are to be weld seams The tracks are quite horrible but you have done really well with them. The drybrushing around the wheels is good too. Some more drybrushing on the hull boxes & latches Plus washes in the corners & vision slots would finish it off. Good work
Judge 3
This ESCI kit is a rather outdated one compared to modern standards, yet you've done a good job with assembling it and adding a couple of scratch details. The original tracks are horrible ones, but you've managed to get along with them more or less smoothly. Base coat is OK, but the model lacks any technique that brings out details - simple pin-washes would make it livelier. As for attempt of applying dry-brushing with silver tone - this is an unrealistic technique, use dark brown instead.