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By: Gottlieb, Fritz

Manufacturer(s): UM Kit No 340

Modifications: gun Barrel and muffler drilled out, fenders edges thinned, notek light cable by wire, hatch opened up, scratchbuilt tool boxes, figure from Preiser,

Description: Pz Kpfw 38 t from the 7. Panzerdivision, painted by acrylics from Tamiya, washed and filtered by oil and Mig pigments, decals from a Dragon Kit,

Judge 1
I love this little kit and you’ve done a nice job with it. Construction is generally good with only a couple of issues like the glue seam along the rivet line of the upper aft turret face, an open join along the lower edge of the hull machine gun plate, and the added rivets along the engine compartment doors looking a bit roughly applied (to your defense though, those rivets are quite pesky to remove from UM’s sheet and add to the deck – not sure what UM was thinking with that design aspect). I think you’ve done a great job with the track sag. The weathering is very strong (perhaps too much so for this early in the war) but does certainly add visual interest to the subject. I particularly like the shading/rusting on the exhaust. I’m afraid the added storage boxes are a bit of a let down owing to the grain of the wood that you used showing through. I’d consider using styrene or leftover bits of resin for future projects. All in all though, nice work!
Judge 2
Very nice straight build, beside the above mentioned issues the end of the front mudguards don't sit close enough to their supports. I'm not sure if the base colour is to pale or you are presenting a tank with faded whitewash?. The decals are well applied (though a 9 at the end seems very unlikely) The pinwashes around the rivets are well done. The difference in colour between the tank & the tracks or exhaust could be bigger, The crew figure is well done & really the the model too.
Judge 3
Those UM's Lt-38 kits are not the easiest ones to be build, yet your effort was quite good except the already mentioned issues. The boxes are not looking natural because of the material they're made from, you'd better use plastic sheets and imitate texture with various layers of color applied by a worn-off brush. I really like shading effects on your vehicle, though I think the base color is too light and in places really resembles white-wash. Overall wash is OK, though in places applied uncarefully, I'd suggest to use a more brownish color for it. Weathering of tracks is authentic, but it'd be better to see the same amount of dust on the wheels too, not mentioning the upper side of the hull.