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By: Joseph Russo

Manufacturer(s): Heller Somua S35 #79875

Modifications: Molded on turnbuckles replaced with plastic card brackets and turnbuckles from Dragon Sherman kits, APX turret replaced with Trumpeter Char B APX turret. Kit exhaust pipes shortened. Aleran Miniture Decals, Somua S35 France 1940

Description: Depicts Somau of 1 DLM, 4 Cuirassiers in horizontal camofluage. Vallejo paints used for pattern, and dry brush. Pin wash with tempra paints, then Vallejo Matt finish and dot wash of mud using winton oils on track and track guard, and then overspray of Pollyscale dirt. Unfortunately the tracks were and are brittle and several track flaws can be seen in the photos

Judge 1
Well this old Heller beast is a challenge to do much with, but you’ve made a good effort at it. As you mention, the tracks have some issues, and the seam on the lower turret join could stand to be a bit cleaner, but the basic build otherwise looks well accomplished. The detail on the Heller hull is quite soft, but there are some things that can be done with scrapers, scribers and styrene to sharpen up the detail a bit if you are so inclined. I like the paint scheme that you’ve chosen as it definitely adds interest to the subject and you’ve done a good job at the application. It is a bit monotone though, so some shading variances and perhaps washes may have helped to break that up a bit. A little bit of caked mud on the lower hull/running gear would also give it a livelier appearance. Still, you’ve made a solid effort at what is a bit of a dog of a kit.
Judge 2
I don't know this kit or any French AFV's, But a nice looking model with lively camo, The turret seam is not tidied up to well. The tracks seems to have given up trying to wrap around the rear idler. I really like the camo application & colours, with the black lines. Just the top black line looks a bit rough against the pale turret top. Stronger, darker washes on the pale top would help too. lastly the yellow smearson the running gear looks out of place. Very good decal application
Judge 3
This old Heller model is a hard nut to crack (I mean to build a decent model), and you've made some good efforts to achieve this. Replacing the turret was a good idea, since otherwise you'd have to make many scratch work. Another good idea would be replacement of awful Heller tracks with photo-etched ones. As for painting, base coat is even and decals are nicely applied. I'd suggest using more weathering techniques - simple filters or fading would bring more life in the vehicle overall appearance. Weathering of chassis is another weak point of your model - those yellow splashes look rather strange. Simple usage of pigments or artistic pastel chalks would perfectly add to realism of your tank.