By: Alvaro Ortega H.

Manufacturer(s): Revell, Presier

Modifications: Flatbed wagon is scratch built with plasticcard, balsa wood and wire.

Description: Tiger waiting on a Flatbed Wagon to be transported to the East Front. Painted with acrylics Vallejo and metalizer Model Master, weathering with MIG pigments and oil washes. Ground is fine ballast mix.

Judge 1
Models and Figures: The flatbed wagon is fantastic your scratch building skills are simply first rate. The Tiger is pretty good too but I've never seen the spare tracks that way round, I would expect to see the guide teeth facing out. There is also a small problem with the top run of the left hand track and the tracks get a bit wonky as they go around the drive sprockets. The paint is well applied and although panzer grey was very dark it's quite unusual to see a modeler take the risk and paint it that way, so well done. The weathering is quite good, the dust is well done with some nice colour variation but I was surprised to see so little on the wheels. Special mention for the boards on the flatbed wagon they are superb some of the most realistic timber I've seen. It would have been nice to have some closer photo's of the figures as it's hard to judge them from such a distance. They seem to be well painted and the colour is ok but that the finish is a little glossy (that may be the lighting?). I'd also recommend enhancing the shadow regions and lining out with a dark colour to better define the details. Overall quite good and realistic, well done. Jason
Judge 2
The subject of this diorama ā€“ to show a tank going to be transported to the front ā€“ is interesting. The railway with the wagon divides the stand diagonally which is good decision in terms of composition of the diorama. Some figures on the foreground make the whole work livelier. Still the model standing on the wagon with its gun pointing up makes this compact diorama a little tall. Iā€™d also mention a historical mistake ā€“ Tigers were transported on a specially constructed wagon with six axles, not on a standard four-axled wagon as here.
Judge 3
railroad positiong is not convincing me. I find it that look rested on the ground. There are not electric line on the pole and general look is too clean for me