Bronze medal

Awarded: Bronze

By: jörg fiedler

Manufacturer(s): Rusu dio part + AB germans

Modifications: MG42 + PPsh wih selfmade straps and seltmade anti tank charge.

Description: Vignette showing two chilly german warming up at an oil Drum during Winter 42/43 somewhere in russia. Soliders were painted with vallejo modelcolor. The Rusus part of a trench was based on a GW Base and painted with oil paint. The rust on the drum was made from MIG resin and pigments. Weapons painted black and drybrushed wih graphite. Snow was made with sodium carbonate.

Judge 1
On the Eastern Front Germans encountered many difficulties, one of them was cold weather. Though winter 1942/43 (episode of which this vignette is showing) wasn’t as cold as previous winter, Germans had to suffer of cold weather. Still, looking at the figures I do not believe it is very cold. One soldier is standing with his greatcoat unbuttoned, and he has no mittens on his hands. Both soldiers wearing their caps with flaps up, though in cold flaps should be turned down. But, seeing not much snow, we can suppose it isn’t that cold. I’d also like to see some fire inside the oil drum – you can drill it from bottom and put inside something painted in red and orange.
Judge 2
Very beautiful and little terrain. Excellent trench. Also the snow effect is very beautiful. For me, only the muddy terrain is too uniform; I think that has a uniform trimming that is not so real.
Judge 3
Figures: I like scene, it feels cold and solemn and you've placed the soldiers to good effect. The paint work is pretty good with only a couple of boundary transgressions; flesh paint on the pocket being most noticeable. The uniforms are a good colour and nicely shaded, good work. I find the "blond" hair colour not so convincing and the flesh colour on the faces are a little murky. Overall You've done a pretty good job, remember to finish off with the touch ups.