Silver medal

Awarded: Silver

By: charles carroll

Manufacturer(s): MAC

Modifications: Scratch built gun platform , Brass and copper wire for handles and tie down loops. White plastic for ammo cans & crates and table ,bench . tent out of putty.

After-market parts: OKBG P.E. parts , CMK and Millicast figures , Priseir weapons.

Description: Afrika Korps 1942 605 Divizson , Polly Scale and Model Master paints, Chinchilla dust for sand.

Judge 1
Figures and Vehicle: I must start by saying the photos although well lit lack depth of field and are too highly compressed (try and make such large images around 100kb) this make is it hard to see your good work. You've done a very good job constructing the Horch and made the most of the PE and scratch built details you've added, it looks quite realistic. The paint work seems well done as does the general wear and tear, I like the dustiness and the decals are well applied. I would have liked to see a close up on the figures as they look very good. I think the colours and the poses are good especially the man loading the Horch. Again the details are hard to see due to the photos but it seems that some more depth by means of darker shadow regions would improve them. Very nice scene and quite believable, well done. Jason.
Judge 2
I like the general look but I find that the gun position is too clean. I think that a position like this, built from soldier should be more dirty and also the terrain around more displaced. The coloration is quite good, perhaps too uniform tha sand
Judge 3
This is another diorama of DAK anti-aircraft gun and its lunching crew. It isn’t overcrowded by objects, only one vehicle and a small tent on the background. The composition is good, the subject is clear from all the points of view, but the most interesting point of view is from the dioramas back side. Here we can see the whole picture of the soldiers preparing to have lunch. The poses of the soldiers look natural, though may too relaxed. Some small details like boots or a pot on a fireplace add to overall realism of the work.